ATM Driving

Consumers expect to be able to use ATMs wherever and whenever they want. While providing and managing an ATM network can be challenging, our customers are reducing their costs, increasing revenues, tightening security, expanding product offerings, and improving service levels with our solutions. We are helping transition the ATM from a cash dispensing device into a vital customer relationship tool.

  1. ATM driving and monitoring
  2. Transaction routing and switching
  3. Remote key deployment
  4. Value-added services at the ATM
  5. Management information and reporting
Our customers process 10 billion transactions annually from over 100,000 ATMs and 750,000 POS terminals. We serve the needs of:

  • Two of the largest ATM network owners in the world
  • Three of the largest ATM manufacturers in the world
  • 25% of all off-premise ATMs in the United States
  • 20+ customers driving more than 1,000 ATMs
  • 25% of all ATMs in Australia
  • "Our network of foreign exchange and dynamic currency conversion ATMs provides round-the-clock service. We decided to use an S1 solution to drive this ATM network because it allows us to deliver complex new services with minimal customization, completely modernizing our delivery model in the process."

    — Daniel Gilby, Global Head of Self-Service, Travelex